Sanguan Wongse Industries Co., Ltd. (SWI), established in 1947, started from producing tapioca chips and changed to producing tapioca starch later. SWI run tapioca starch business with good governance by continuing invest in human resources and modern machinery from domestic and abroad. The company had growth from 30 mt. of tapioca starch in 1974 to 400 mt. in 1989 and 1000 mt. in 2008
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Sanguan Wongse Industries Company Limited (SWI) was established in 1974, under the management of Mr. Thosaphol Tantiwong. The company started off from 25 employees with tapioca starch daily production capacity of 30 metric tons.

Since then, the company constantly implemented machinery upgrading and factory expansion with quality management system in order to accommodate growing export market of tapioca starch. To enter value added market, Sanguan Wongse Starch company Limited is established in year 1989 to produce modified starch for non food application. Our upgraded new food grade starch factory received BRC certificated, Grade A since year 2016.

Energy production from tapioca waste water has been developed since year 2005 in order to reduce environment impact to community and to sustain energy consumption from renewable material. We are proud to be a unique starch factory with biogas, steam, chilled water and electricity generation from tapioca waste so Sanguan Wongse Energy Company Limited received Asian Energy Award in 2018.

At present, SWI group employs 820 staff members, with 1,400 metric tons of tapioca starch daily production capacity and uses more than 1 million metric tons of fresh tapioca every year.

With extensive experiences in producing premium quality Native & Modifed Tapioca Starch, we get trusted from domestic as well as the international markets so SWI is among top tapioca starch exporter of Thailand.