Sanguan Wongse Industries Co., Ltd. (SWI) is the biggest single tapioca starch plant with installed capacity of 1,500 mt. per day of native and modified starch. We are located in Nakhon Ratchasima province, north eastern part of Thailand which is the biggest tapioca plantation in South East Asia. We run business with good governance and sustainability concept in our supply chain.

Sanguan Wongse Industries Co., Ltd. (SWI), established in 1947, started from producing tapioca chips and changed to producing tapioca starch later. SWI run tapioca starch business with good governance by continuing invest in human resources and modern machinery from domestic and abroad. The company had growth from 30 mt. of tapioca starch in 1974 to 400 mt. in 1989 and 1000 mt. in 2008
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Sanguan Wongse Industries Company Limited (SWI) was established in 1974, under the management of Mr. Thosaphol Tantiwong. The company started off from 25 employees with tapioca starch daily production capacity of 30 metric tons.
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Tapioca - one of the world’s major economic crops and Thailand has been well regarded as the world’s leading exporters of tapioca starch products that are completely free from Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) process and Gluten.
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Smart Energy
On 30 August 2019, Deputy Minister of Commerce Mr.Weerasak Wangsuphakitkoson together with The Department of International Trade Promotion and Ministry of Commerce's team visited Sanguan Wongse Industried
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