Sanguan Wongse Industries Co., Ltd. (SWI), established in 1947, started from producing tapioca chips and changed to producing tapioca starch later. SWI run tapioca starch business with good governance by continuing invest in human resources and modern machinery from domestic and abroad. The company had growth from 30 mt. of tapioca starch in 1974 to 400 mt. in 1989 and 1000 mt. in 2008
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TAPIOCA SMART FARM - SWI model will increase productivity, environmental sustainability, safety and workflow, which will ultimately make the working farm more self-sufficient.

SANGUAN WONGSE INDUSTRIES Co.,Ltd worked with National Innovation Agency started Smart Farm project in 2017.

We started demonstration smart farm to lead new knowledge to farmers. With smart farm technology which covers the important question on connectivity plus the integrated use of digital equipment such as Drone and Wireless sensors and Solar cells. Providing farmers with the training and data they need to make highly informed choices and help improve efficiency.