SWI has extensive experience in producing super high quality, high-grade tapioca starch. Our starch is purchased to make high products in domestic as well as the international markets in Asia, Europe and the USA. Today our plant is the largest single tapioca starch plant in Asia with maximum capacity of 1,400 metric tons of starch per day.

To meet the goal of being one of the best quality tapioca starch producer in Thailand who focus on adding value to Thai tapioca starch, Sanguan Starch Co., Ltd. is establised to produce and to dustribute modified tapioca starch for specific applications both food and non-food industries.

Indirect Expand Snacks
Direct Expand Snacks
Jellies & Gums
Instant Desserts & Dry Mixed Bakery
Dairy Drinking
Frozen Desserts
Process Cheese
Gluten Free Bakery
Bakery Filling
Bakery Filling Ready to Use
Soup and Sauce
Salad Dressing & Cream
Powder Soup & Sauce
Frozen Food
Emulsion Meat
Injection : Cooked Whole Muscle
Meat Batter
Nut Coating
Clearcoat Batter
Glass Noodles
Rice Noodles
Frozen / Freeze Dry Rice Noodles
Vermicelli / Spaghetti
Instant Noodles (Wheat Flour)
Gluten Free Noodles
Snack Chips/ Formed Chips
Dragees & Drops
Surface Sizing
Wet End
Corrugated Glue